Saturday, September 20, 2014

Boys birthday party!

This week has been especially busy. Probably by far the busiest this year. Gage had a meet Thursday and another this morning. Yesterday was Ryker's birthday, but today was his, Gage's, and Heston's combined party. Gage's birthday is next Friday and Heston's is on Halloween, but we celebrate all at once since family has to drive from Oklahoma. While they were there I took advantage of my sister and had her take a few family pictures in hopes to get a decent one. We haven't had one of all of us together since before Heston was born. Of coarse it was a battle, and only got a decent one after Heston was allowed to wear his IronMan costume he got from Nonnie. I think I will get actually get it framed. 

Here are some pics from today's festivities.

A shot of Gage during his race. He got 4th from his team and his team placed 5th overall. But the 4 above them all had Freshman, his school did not. 
The party. Cupcakes by Serious Cupcakes. Second year in a row we have used her and she once again did an amazing job.

And the soon to be infamous ironman family pic.

Some with "some" of my kiddos.

Yeah, the look on my face says it all with this one. Trying to get him to have a normal serious smiling face is pointless. 
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