Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Posting for accountability

I decided to make the jump and join WW. The weight didn't melt off with this one. I admit I gained a bit more trying to make sure Ridlee's weight would be good. After we were told at her anatomy scan she was on the small side I figured that was not the time to skimp on my diet, just in case. While she was still small I like to think my diet did help her. I had to increase my protein quite a bit. Well with small babies comes a not so nice postpartum issue. Less weight loss. Smaller babies means, smaller placenta (trust me it was way small), smaller everything. So more of the weight gain was in fat stores. Well the good thing about that is good milk supply. Last time with Heston if I decreased my diet any my milk would suffer. With this one it's not taking such a hit. I started last week, in the midst of my sickness of a sinus infection and bronchitis. Perfect timing really. My appetite was very little and that made the sugar cravings very sparse.

I ended up losing over 5 pounds in the first week. And that was without exercise. Being sick made my motivation for exercise...nill. Monday I finally went to the Doctor and got antibiotics. I am feeling about 70% better. I am hoping to start getting back to working our asap! I am 11 pounds away from prepregnancy weight but since I joined WW I want to go the official prebaby route and that's a bit more. Honestly I will be happy with a bit more than that considering I like some curves. I just want to fit in my small clothes again. I have no time limit. I plan to go the patient route. I know not all weeks will be like this one. I plan on nursing for awhile and that means getting more point values, which is awesome. WW is perfect for breastfeeding.

Ridlee's 4 month appointment is tomorrow. I weighed her at home and it appears she is around 12 pounds already. She is doing a lot better now. Hoping she stays healthy for a long time.

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