Thursday, December 05, 2013

And so the snow days begin...

Well, I guess thus far. Snow is to come tonight. Schools were canceled in advance. I cancel clients based on school closings so that means I am home as well. Probably for the best considering I started a wicked cold yesterday and it's at its most annoying stage. Scratchy throat and constant need of tissues. I am Zincking it up, lots of vitamin C, salt water cleansing's, etc. I hate colds. Tonight I will utilize my time home and finish my monthly contract reports and any other paperwork I need caught up.

Kids seem to be enjoying themselves. Lots of TV, video games, pretending, reading, and overall playing in their rooms. Steven seems a bit stir crazy already. Hasn't really sat down for very long at all. Even ventured outside a bit to get some lunch before it got too bad. Funny he is more laid back when he doesn't have as much time to relax. Looks like tomorrow is already looking to be about the same. I already canceled clients. More resting time for me.

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