Thursday, December 19, 2013

37 week appt.

I am 2 cm dilated, 1 cm inside, soft, and funneling. She was laying posterior or sunny side up when midwife was palpating. Normally she is on her side. I want her on her side, not posterior. Sunny side up during labor is back labor. Mine is painful enough as fast as it is. I don't need back labor on top of it. I have been contracting for the past week off and on. I realize this is why mine go so fast. I am literally in labor for weeks and then... BAM... transition! I am sleeping pretty good with the help of my ambien. I am trying to stay busy and distracted. I am actually working 6 days this week. Sunday my parents and siblings are coming for Christmas here. My sister and I have been coordinating the menu and such. Steven's parents are coming on Christmas day. One plus side of expecting around Christmas is not having to travel. I will take it as traveling with 4 kids is not easy. Steven has completed about 98% of our Christmas shopping done. I still need a couple of things. But nothing to stress over. Strangely enough, this is so far the least stressful Christmas yet!

I'll take it!

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