Monday, September 30, 2013

Apparently I have the plague!

I have a wisdom tooth that has been completely out for years and caused me no trouble, which is why I let them be. This past weekend it started to get painful and rub against my cheek. K, so I need it out. Being pregnant I can't take much for pain right now. I tried calling 13 places this morning to get in to get it out. You would have thought I was asking for them to cut a foot off. My dentist no longer does extractions. Would have definitely made it easier if she did them. Most places wanted a OB referral, except I see a midwife and APN because I do a homebirth. I got many "let me talk to the Doctor". Most wanted to refer me out to a oral surgeon (who still required an OB referral). I don't need a surgery just pull it. Give me a freaking shot to numb it and pull the dang thing! Finally, my APN called her dentist, one I had already called. At least they didn't need a letter now, but still referred me to the surgeon (ahhhhh!). So I scheduled with the surgeon tomorrow. If it's not impacted (which I do not believe it is) they can take it tomorrow. God, please let this happen. I am paying out of pocket for this as I have no dental insurance. One reason I haven't had all of the wisdom teeth taken out in the first place. It's not incredibly painful, but annoying as heck. Mostly because I can only take tylenol and then only take it once a day. Still, it needs to go. I am tired of brushing it too.

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