Sunday, August 25, 2013


The first week of the kids and Steven returning to school wasn't too bad. Definitely an adjustment getting up even earlier and having to drive a lot more. Dropping Gage off at the new school has gone smoothly for the most part. I get there fairly early so not to get caught in the line. All of the kids have adjusted well, although Heston does cry when I drop him off. I am told he has a good day after I leave though.

My birthday was Friday. It was nice and quiet. Went with Steven to Shogun for lunch and just relaxed the rest of the day. I did work that morning so it wasn't a complete day off. I am somewhat nervous for this coming week, but excited at the same time. Tuesday I have my anatomy scan. Nice to get to see the baby, but nerve racking to see if anything might be wrong. Prayers are always welcome to have everything come out well.

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