Friday, August 02, 2013

So over it!

Everyone in the house got a light cold last week! Mine well, turned into a sinus infection from hell! I am doing everything I can to avoid antibiotics, but goodness I am losing hope. I had a awesome massage yesterday, which brought my appetite back at least. But the drainage and then stuffiness is consistent. Always one or the other. I am so over it! Why on earth does pregnancy kill the immune system. You would think nature would make us stronger when pregnant. I am suppose to write my monthly reports this weekend, but I have the energy of a 90 year old. I did go to work everyday this week, despite the fact I shouldn't have gone one day. I don't even remember the last time I called my clients and said I was sick. Ugh! Stupid responsibility sucks sometimes.

On the pregnancy front, it's going well. We have decided to do another homebirth. I will start seeing midwife this month. I have an appt. for a anatomy scan near the end of the month. Those always make me nervous. Praying everything is ok and baby is healthy.

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