Saturday, August 10, 2013

August, oh August!

Why is this month killer every year? And it's my birthday month of all months. I can barely enjoy it. It's also my Anniversary, I can barely enjoy it. And it's not even these things that make it killer. When I got married we had no clue how many kids we would have. We had no idea Steven would be a teacher. These two things alone make August cringe worthy. Getting ready for schools, buying all the stuff (which we have already done btw), go to all the open houses (Gage's new school, his locker day, Kieran and Ryker's school, Kieran's TREC, etc) is enough to compete for a second unpaid job. Then there is the dentist appt's, eye appt's (for our kids that's a super necessity), hair cuts, and then this year add in my doctor/midwife appt's (right now still going to Talequah and seeing my midwife here), and then top it off with my work which is super busy as of late. Yesterday alone I had an expo for Washington Co. I attended to try and market some to the neighboring schools for my play therapy office.

Now in and of themselves, each of these things are not bad things. They are necessities. But when you mix them all up in one month, it's cause for even more exhaustion. I have to drive to Talequah this week for one Dr. appt only to go back in 2 weeks for my anatomy scan. I hate that drive. It's over an hour and much is winding roads. I hate that as early as I have been getting up all summer it's about to get even worse because I have to take Gage to school and Heston to daycare in Bentonville, when I work in Fayetteville. This is something I have done for years for Ryker and Heston. The taking Gage is new because of going into 7th grade and him starting later than Steven's class does. However, in the past I have worked in Rogers some part of the week. Now I have moved out of Benton co. all together. But, it's still good to take Heston there because it's close the the kids school's and Steven picks him up.

Each day I look at my calendar to expect what is coming and I just cringe. September will also be busy with 2 birthday's for the boys but overall there will be far less appt's. That is enough to give me some rest.
Only a few weeks away! And I am taking Labor day off for once!

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