Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not a phase... (My son Gage!)

My oldest son Gage picked up coin collecting several months ago. I honestly had no clue where he got it. When I finally asked him he told me he found a nickle and wanted to know more about it. He is like his dad in that he researches things beyond what is normal, especially for a 12 year old. In several weeks time he had managed to learn enough to teach a college course on the material. At this time if you were to ask him anything about certain coins, chances are he could tell you. All from books from the library and several places on the internet.

 For his birthday in September and now for Christmas he has asked for nothing more than coin collector items, even coins themselves. He has been barraging family and friends about their coins. Some humor there actually. He has a very limited use phone. Basically for family purpose only. Well he had been texting various family members in Oklahoma and didn't bother telling them who he was. My sister carried out a conversation with him for several days before she finally snapped at him thinking he was my older brother. She said to leave her alone about the coins and to get a real job. Her words were that she thought it was another get rich quick scheme. When she finally figured out it was Gage we both laughed hysterically and she humored his obsession.

 And obsession is the correct term. Not a day goes by that we don't hear about it from him. I keep reminding myself that there are far worse things that he could be obsessed about and who knows there is potential for investment in this hobby, especially considering how young he started. I find it fascinating how he is coming into his own. I never for the life of me thought one of my children would be interested in coin collecting. Honestly, I had a tendency to throw away pennies I found cleaning my room as a child. I tell him that and he starts hyperventilating. He is an odd boy. But sweet as can be. I look back on the fairly calm and shy child now and remember back when I had to pull him from Kindergarten and home school him because of issues with his teacher at the time because he was too much energy for her and because of that he never got to participate in parties because of too many color changes. We switched districts in 1st grade and had no issues with the new school or his behaviors, btw. Like his Father he is also really smart. I say like his Father because it's in math and science both of which are not my cup of tea.

So having said all of this, what is it my son wants to do when he grows up? Let's see if when I look back on this in 10 years or so if he is on his way. He wants to be some kind of engineer and wants to work for the U.S. Mint.

That's my boy!


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