Friday, November 02, 2012

Full circle...

A year ago today Heston was admitted into the NICU for what was the scariest most heart wrenching test of our lives. Today I had to take him to a Urology specialist and was told that he will need surgery for a hydrocele he developed several months ago. While this is a first for us, as none of our children have had to go through surgery, I was anticipating this. I am thankful that it is only minor surgery. I am thankful that regardless of this, he is still healthy and happy (aside from an ear infection). I am thankful because a year ago today there was a part of me that felt that I was going to lose him and I couldn't bare that. God has gotten us through that and he will get us through this. Heston is not slowed down at all. He is still into everything and keeps me on my toes. I work harder on my days off chasing him around than I do any other day at my place of employment. I am thankful for all the prayers we received last year at this time and would definitely appreciate some during this. Again while it is minor he will still have to go under, and that is never super comforting.

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