Friday, November 25, 2011

She is at peace...

My Granny went to be with the Lord today. She has been ill for awhile. Her kidneys shut down and then her liver and she has been receiving hospice services in her home for a few weeks. My Dad called the other day to tell me that it could be any day now and that she has mostly not been aware of whats going on around her. When he called today he told me that she is no longer suffering and that is a relief to him. My Granny was also and very God fearing Christian lady whose love for the Lord was known by all. One of my best earliest memories of her is when my brother and I would go stay with her when they lived in Watonga, OK, long ago and she would take us over to one of her friends house where they would just pray, but the lady had all kinds of good stuff to eat and keep us occupied while they prayed. She was also a very giving person, her and my Papaw both.

Every summer growing up I would go and spend some time with them in Davis, OK. This is also where my Dad grew up and where my cousins live. Lots of good memories there. My Granny has a pair of white skates that I would put on and skate all around her drive way every day I could. This was where my fondest moments of skating come from.

I will miss my Granny, but I also know I will get to see her one day.

Love you!

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