Sunday, October 02, 2011

Not a fun one....

34 weeks!!!

Week that is. This pregnancy has for the most part been very easy and healthy. Aside from a 24 hour period of kidney stones at 26 weeks it's been fairly a breeze. I have even had more energy lately and I have been able to walk and do more in my daily workouts. Well, that was until last Sunday. I stayed home from church as I wasn't able to fall asleep until 3 a.m. Well later that day I started getting sick, which was originally thought from something I ate. Soon after I later discover it was from a nasty stomach bug. Soon after I developed a thrombosis in a vein down in the nether regions. Soon I was unable to stand at all, walking killed me, and sitting while the only thing I could do did little to take away the pain. I endured it for day with the help of OTC drugs, kept getting worse. Called the APN who works with my midwife and got a Rx for some pain killer stuff that was supposed to at least let me endure it until it heals. Again, it continued to get worse.

Wednesday I awoke at 3 a.m. unable to get comfortable at all. I decided to take my butt to Talequah, OK to the Indian Hospital. Steven offered to drive me but I told him I didn't want him to miss work. The pain driving there was not too terrible, but as soon as I stepped out and had to walk across the parking lot, I was shaking and almost in tears. Keep in mind I have a high tolerance for pain. I was at a 9 on the pain scale. I was the first one in but it was shift change so I still had to wait awhile. When the Doctor came in I told her my "issues" thinking she would give me more cream and send me on my unhappy way home, but she surprised me and had me show her my business. She said there was no cream that would get rid of that and it would require excising. I had researched this and in all honesty was at the point to cut myself to get the pain to stop. So she gave me a shot and got to work excising all kinds of clots that had developed in such a short period of time. This was my first relief in day. After she was done the pain shot started wearing off and I believe I went through a short period of shock. I remember shaking, sweating, confusion, and this intense burning/cutting pain down there were I couldn't even sit down. I tried texting Steven but had trouble. He said he would come get me. I told him I was waiting on my Rx and then I would leave if I felt better. The Rx happened to be Tylenol 3 which included Codeine which my stomach reacts with intense pain. So I left it alone and took normal extra strength Tylenol, got something to eat and drink, and felt well enough to drive home. The pain was intense but it was still lower than it was that morning.

Thursday, I made myself go to work, but I did struggle. At least the idea of knowing I was supposedly on the mend made it easier on my mind to deal with it. I had Steven go to Terra Tots, which is part owned by my midwife and had him get some herbal bath teas that is supposed to help heal quickly. He has been great about helping out with getting those ready. I am finally able to move a little better today and can tell a big difference in the pain and recovery. Today I varied between a 2-3 which is bearable. Hoping I will be able to start walking for my exercises soon and get back into the routine of things.

This month is continuous "go go go" on my list of stuff to do. Technically I am due next month, but I am hoping I do NOT go this one. I have my shower next Sunday, followed by a 3 day women's retreat with the ladies from my church. My sister is supposed to go with me to that. All the while still working my part time jobs as much as possible. Names and Numbers came out this month and I finally got a client through there, bringing my total up to 4 right now. I will be a happy girl if I can reach 10 in a year, even if it is not all at once. Our last birth class is this Wednesday. I am also only 2 weeks away from the time where Midwife says she can deliver baby at home if I go. I just would rather wait until week 38 or 39 if possible. Each time I think about it, it's hard to believe he will be here in just a few short weeks. Both exciting and scary.

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