Tuesday, October 11, 2011

36 week assessment

I had my official 36 week assessment yesterday with the APN. All looked good and I finally got signed off on officially going for homebirth. My midwife made our 36 week appt. here at the house today and we showed her around where everything was so she will know when I go into labor. His head is kind of down which means he is getting more engaged. She guestimates that he weighs around 5 pounds right now, which is in line to what his brothers were and sister.

Other than some minor swelling in my legs and feet everything seems to be going really well. I am feeling pretty good for the most part. I am having contractions here and there but nothing like they will be when I go into labor. I am still able to see my kiddos at work and play games and puzzles with them.

I have one more busy day at work before I head off to our Women's retreat. I declined getting checked to see if I was dialated any because I didn't want to possibly get something going with the check itself. Maybe next week. We shall see.

Well I better go to bed, my ambien is kicking in and I have to get up early.

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