Saturday, October 15, 2011

2nd Annual Shiloh Women's Retreat...

Was a great success. My sister went down to Lake Ft. Smith this year with me. The weather once again was absolutely perfect. My feet remained swollen the whole time and no amount of propping them or drinking water helped. It wasn't painful so I just went with it. I wasn't able to take any hikes this year in case I went into labor and couldn't make it back. The fellowship, food, and fun was amazing as usual. I got to lead a couple of the activities and even made my sister help me out. One big surprise was there was Wii Just Dance there and OMGoodness I cannot tell you how fun it was to get out and dance with all those ladies. They were getting down. My competitive spirit came out and I jumped right in despite being 9 months pregnant. It was an awesome work out and now I want a few of those games. It's always bitter sweet leaving because you want to get back to your family but it's such a joy to get away to such a beautiful place. I need to bring some more guests next year if anyone is interested in going. I guarantee you won't regret it. I took some pics and videos, hopefully I will edit this soon to add them.

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