Friday, August 19, 2011

28 weeks!!!

All is well on the preggo front. Had a midwife appointment this week. Everything looked good. Gained about 15 pounds thus far. Blood pressure was super low, which is not that uncommon for me. Hard to believe I have 12 weeks or less left. It's flying by. We are still undecided on baby names. Although even if we figure it out we don't tell until he is born.

This week I also started my 3rd job. This week was basically just orientation. Next week I start easing into things. Always nervous about initial start ups and trying t figure things out. Once I do figure them out, it's not so bad. The paperwork side is always the most stressful at figuring out, simply because there is just so much to do. And I do have somewhat of a limited time frame before I take off for the baby. But I will be jumping back in as soon as he is 6 weeks.

I need to start preparing for the boys party next month! And don't even get me started on my birthday next week. Seems it has slipped my mind almost completely. Oh well, it's not one to stress over. Plans are simple to just go out and eat somewhere with the family.

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