Thursday, March 10, 2011

Been awhile

Lots going on. Work is going well, still loving my job. More thankful for it each day. Getting my home office going is nice. Got a new laptop, new printer, scanner, fax copier (so far it's awesome), new desk, etc.

Derby is going well too. Another bout this weekend, but I will only be coaching due to some "medical stuff" going on. Will update more on that when I know more. I am all for unspoken needs in prayers so by all means feel free.

Hoping Spring is right around the corner. I am so ready for warmer weather that stays! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. Going to try and take Ryker to get some pics taken. Just got Gage's and Kieran's school pics so I need some for Ryker. My mom is supposed to be coming down on her way to her best friends in Missouri on Saturday. I realized today I haven't seen her since Christmas. Spring break is also coming up but due to the snow days it has been shortened to only Wed-Fri. which is fine with us we didn't have any big plans. Will probably go to the Zoo one of those days. Hopefully the weather won't put a damper on that.

Oh and gas prices suck again. $3.45 a gallon of ridiculousness. Get this, not just due to the Libya thing, the main reason is we have too much in reserves and no way to refine it all. This country sucks at times.

Oh and Charlie Sheen has gone crazy! I will need to reminded of that years from now when reading this.

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