Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Guess who is jumping on the insanity bandwagon???? Yep, you guessed it. I should be getting my set up tomorrow and will start then as well. I was finding it rather difficult to find something at home that could get my heart racing like it does when I skate, so I figured what they heck. Speaking of skating I am glad to be getting in the groove again. Sometimes the best way to draw closer to something is to take a step back from it. The new home team thing is very interesting. The four teams all have names now. The Heartbreak Rollers (my team of coarse), Hardwood Hustlers (Green), Gatling Girls (pink), you know like the Gatling gun, and the Pistol Whips (Blue). Season starts in January. Hopefully by then my life won't be going in 12 different directions. I keep saying I need to drop somethings but they are all important to me. However, one of them is on a 3 year rotation and will be coming to an end in December. However, it wasn't much of a time commitment so I am not sparing a whole lot of time there, plus it's a church thing so I will just put my energy in through other ways. Speaking of energy, mine is drained and I am going to head off the bed early for a change.


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