Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacations over! :(

They are never long enough.

I left with my Mother and sister to Colorado last Friday and got back to Arkansas on Tuesday. My sister had to be back to work on Tuesday so we couldn't stay long. We still got a lot done despite being there a short time, not to mention getting to see the mountains. My aunt had a BBQ on Saturday and invited all my Mom's brothers and sister. 5 in total. 1 uncle I haven't seen in over 15 years. It was awesome, I even almost cried. Got to see 4 out of my 14 cousins on my Mom's side. Yes, I have a big family. I managed to do pretty well with my healthy eating on my trip and even got to utilize the high altitude for staying in shape. I took my sister out one day to do some running and street aerobics. It was a nice change up. The trip back was a long 12 hour trip but over all not to bad.

My husband kept the kiddos as well as my niece and nephew for the few days we were gone, and when I got back they stayed the rest of the week while my Mother went up to Missouri to see her best friend and float the river. We also did this last year. There were 5 kids total all week and sometimes 6 including the next door neighbor girl that came over most nights. It's been relatively quiet since they left on Friday.

Gage went to his Sunday School's teachers house yesterday for a swimming party. I think it was his first. He of coarse had a blast and says she taught him to swim. He was also the only boy there, but didn't complain at all. Kieran's class is supposed to have one next Sunday and the whole family is invited. May be the first time I get to swim all year.

Really not looking forward to work tomorrow. I know the dread is always more than what it is when I get there. All in all it's not bad, but it is stressful at times. I am pretty certain down the road after I get my LPC I will be going into Private Practice, probably at my church. Not really a secret, since I have told my Supervisor this before. The main reason is I won't have to do groups, at least not the kind I am accustomed to at the hospital. Who knows I may stick around and do PRN work at the hospital. It would be somewhat nice not to have to carry a caseload. Either way, I got some time, I am not rushing anything. I should be getting my LPC sometime next year. Another goal I will reach not too far into the future. I love goals. The next will be the Private Practice. :)

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