Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big fat lazy day!

I woke up fairly early for me this morning (9ish on a Saturday). Actually the first one awake. Would have loved to sleep in, except I had worked out so much yesterday my whole core hurt. It was not giving me good rest. So I figured might as well get up and make the most of it. I was too sore to do much, but I still managed to get bored, but I figured I would be mindful of my boredom and use it wisely. I laid down here and there with no intention of naps, read some, watched the beginning of some movies but couldn't stay put all the way through, paced the floor, looked randomly at the internet, and took the family on a brief trip to the nearest gas station for fountain drinks and sour gummy worms. All in all it was a very successful lazy day.

Tomorrow after church our family is going to a swim party/BBQ with Kieran's Sunday School class. It will be at a lady from our church's house. She is also Gage's Sunday School teacher and they had another party last week just for his class. The kids are super excited to go, it will be Kieran's and Ryker's first swimming trip this year. If you don't count the small 2 ft. pool we have. I will be worn out by tomorrow evening.

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