Wednesday, July 21, 2010

8 week health nut!

This will be the 8th week for my healthy lifestyle and I think I may be officially hooked. I found that I had to FORCE myself to take a day off of working out on Monday. I went 6 days straight and could have gone a 7th. I have broadened beyond Zumba and I have incorporated Windsor Pilates, The Firm Wave, Slim in 6, and now other workouts off of Netflix (yeas they have watch instantly videos!). I have yet to get bored. Tonight I did a new video from Self magazines Bikini Ready series. It was a strength training video and boy did it kick my butt. I usually think my 5 pound weights are not enough resistance, but by the middle of this workout my arms were screaming and shaking. I figured since I was killing those I might as well keep going with the other body parts. So I did a Pilates buns and thighs workouts and ab routine. I actually feel really good right now, not exhausted. My diet has continued to remain a healthy balance. I have decreased my sugar intake and I am trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup. Despite what the commercial says, that stuff is BAD news. Just ask Dr. Oz. Think about it, anything that starts with "High fructose" and ends with "syrup" can't be good for you. Sadly it's hard finding foods without any. Even my old high fiber bars had it in them. But luckily I have found some good brands that have avoided them. Kashi is one that I love. Their cookies are awesome!

Steven, has joined my healthy kick. Guess it is contagious. Since he does most of the cooking I have been pushing the health stuff. He started running and lifting weights last week. He is even trying to break his regular soda habit. That's a bad one for him. Seems the kids are catching on too. Gage and Kieran occasionally ask me if "so and so" is healthy. I try to teach moderation more so with them. Fast food is fine, as long as it isn't that often. And it's not about getting "fat". Obviously they are no where near that, but I do try to teach them overall body health and food being used for energy and proper growth and development. Even Ryker understands why he needs some form of protein in his lunch of fruit and bread now. Not necessarily an issue now that he loves string white cheese and plain turkey. It also cracks me up when they ask for a banana for dessert. I grew up in house where my Dad always had a cake made, and still does. He now has Type 2 diabetes and I don't see him ever changing the way he eats. I could have easily continued down that road if I didn't do my own education. And it IS years of education, starting when I had to lose baby weight 9 years ago.

I just realized I went on a health rant... oops. My apologies.

P.S. I just love those "Eat this not that!" articles on yahoo!

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