Saturday, June 05, 2010

Zumba week 1

It's been a full week since I started Zumba. I have done it the past 6 days out of 7. So far I love it! It probably makes me sweat more than anything I have ever done before. I literally have to wash my whole face after each workout. Granted the only con I can find on it is it sometimes reminds me of the old Kids incorporated. Really can't explain it other than that. Maybe it's the clothes?


So I figured since I was going to be doing the workouts anyways I would go ahead and change my diet. I have gone back to my diet from when I lost all the baby weight from Gage when I lost 28 pounds. The only cheat I have had thus far was on Thursday for lunch when my coworkers and I went out to La Hacienda. Soon as it was over I was back on. I think that is pretty good for a week. I have also been utilizing some cognitive behavioral techniques to help me stay on task. I find my biggest challenge is actually drinking a lot of water. I have a hard time gulping flavorless stuff. Looks like I maybe integrating some flavoring to help out. Hello crystal light!

I am thinking my goal is to fit in my skinniest jeans by my 30th birthday in August. Best to start the 30's right. Also time to start planning my festivities.

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DDK23 said...

I love Zumba! I can only make it once maybe twice a week. But it is so fun, I find myself doing routines while I clean lol.