Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 months...

To the day until I turn 30! I am actually super excited, with a tinge of sadness as my 20's will be over. Mostly because so much has happened in my 20's. 3 kids, 2 degrees, 1 out of state move (with several tiny moves in there as well), introduction of my career plus Steven's, and so much more!! I look forward to my 30's as well though. I know there is still a lot that is going to happen in those years. Hopefully an addition to the family, purchase of 1st home (I know we are late in the game there, time has just never been right), Gage's graduation from High school (yes, that's a hard one to think about), and who knows what else.

So the past year I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do for my actual birthday. Lots and lots of thinking. Being that I am not a drinker, nor much for partying, I need something that is somewhat out of the norm for most 30 year old birthday festivities. If I had my ultimate wish I would like to play a huge game of mud football with as many people as I could muster. Of course this is hard to find the right environment for such an event. Sigh. Oh well, moving along... I need something that fits my personality and I honestly think I want something more intimate. I am debating on a BBQ with a small group or family or weekend trip with the immediate family to somewhere family oriented. The latter is probably more what I am looking for, plus I can do the BBQ the actual day of the birthday. We shall see, still 2 more months to decide.

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