Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm lovin it!

No I am not referring to McDonalds! These past two weeks have been like heaven outside and my mood appreciates it so much. 70's and sunny is like my ultimate perfect. It also has helped in the work department. I find myself super efficient (even more so than usual) and in the best mood. Things that would sometimes bother me I am easily able to dismiss. Kids I often have trouble with I find we are both smiling after sessions. Also because of my super efficiency and good mood I find I am not having to stay at work as long and have left early the last two Fridays and took Ryker to the park. I still manage to catch happy hour at sonic.

I knew it then but realize it even more now, Winter lasted way too long and was way too harsh this year. However, one negative for the super splendid weather and mood I find that time is going by super fast. April seems to flying by at the speed of light. Although May, being right around the corner does bring a lot of fun stuff. Our first church camping trip of the year is in May and the kids are looking forward to it as much as me. Steven isn't looking forward to the long drive. I say boo on him. May also brings the closeness of school being out. While most parents don't look forward to this. I do. I think school takes away so much time away from the American family. My kids are lucky they have a teacher for a parent. Steven becomes super stay at home dad in the summer. Cleans house, takes them to the park, and incorporates some school as well. I would love to someday have a job that gives me summers off. It's one of my goals.

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