Monday, November 30, 2009

Life is short, PARTY!

That was just one of the nice stickers on the back of the window of the white pick up truck that nearly clipped the front end of my car off as he shot through myself and another car caddy corner the lane next to me. Apparently he couldn't wait the 5 seconds it took for me to pass the other vehicle. Seems I have had the definition of "party" wrong all this time. According to this "gent" it means nearly destroying a car with a Mother and her 3 year old in it just so you can get to the red light first. Upon coming up to him on this red light, I get to gaze on the beauty of his other creative stickers and variable artwork. Seems Calvin has taken himself from urinating on decals and emblems to staring with an evil grin while holding the rebel flag. I am going to leave the other ones up to your imagination. Chances are, you get the idea. So what does an individual who drives such a intimidating piece of machinery look like, you may ask. You would envision a young scruffy man in his 20's or 30's, however you would be wrong in this instance. No, our winner of the day is either a very old looking 30 year old who appears to have spent way too much time partying, or a somewhat young looking older 70's gent who seems to not have figured out that life wasn't as short as he initially thought.

Ahh, the holidays, where commercialism and lack of patience are rampant. It's sad that I am already sick of Christmas commercials and they just started... what, last week? Yet, I still feel optimistic this year's festivities will be patient worthy. After all, seems I am getting what I have wanted for over a year now... the blessing of a 16 day vacation. I trust it will grant me the renewal I so badly long for. Everything else, will be a huge bonus. Oh December how I welcome you!


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