Monday, February 23, 2009

catch up

The usual business of my life is going full force. This last weekend I traveled up to Eureka Springs to watch the Betties play COMO. While up there we all participated in the parade for Mardi Gras weekend, full of throwing beads and everything. It was a blast. The Betties lost by a close margin and gave a good performance. The night before Steven and I attended a couples dinner date at the church for our couples class. We all brought our wedding photos and shared them with each other. It was nice to see how much everyone has changed. Steven was told several times that he looked like a punk... he fessed up and said that he was. I was actually liking the change I went through. Aging has slimmed my face and I actually weigh less than I did when I got married, so that is a plus. The evening was nice, full of free childcare and dinner. Can't beat that. Sunday, we had a soup and dessert potluck after church. We brought cheesecake swirl brownies and I found a recipe online for a knock off of Zupa Tuscana soup from Olive Garden. Steven made both and they were great. Sadly he didn't have much soup left to take home with him.

Today, I had a phone interview with a lady from a media production company based out of Michagan. A few weeks ago I sent in a Bio in for a possible spot of the National Geographic channel. National Geographic and this media company are in talks to do a series on people with normal "mainstream" lives who you wouldn't expect had wild pastimes. They were interested in having someone from WFTDA (women's flat track derby association) be on one of those episodes. So with my seemingly abnormal normalcy for the sport, I sent in a bio, not really expecting much out of it. The lady I spoke with was the Production Manager and she asked me a bunch of questions, which took about 30 minutes. She said they won't hear anything back before the end of March and their budget is approved. Still I am psyched I was even approached for the possibility. She later sent me their website to check out some of their work.

As if that wasn't enough excitement I was given a call last week by a reporter from the Arkansas Democrat and Gazette. My friend and teammate Pro gave them my name. They are wanting to do a piece on the same exact thing as the people above in their Profiles section. A photographer is coming to my practice tomorrow to hopefully get some decent shots and I will be meeting with the reported for the interview soon. I am somewhat excited about this, but ambivalent as well. My normalcy seems to be the rare thing apparently. Not sure what to think of the abnormalcy of that!?!

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Wop said...

WOW Blazen! You have some exciting stuff brewing! I was wondering who the photographer was at practice. We've gotten so used to people there clicking photos that I hardly notice them most of the time. Good luck with everything!