Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Ours was a normal quiet one. I slept in, Steven cooked due to him not having to work the prior 3 days. He and Kieran left for Oklahoma last night, me and the boys stayed in. Didn't really feel like traveling. So me and the boys went birthday shopping for Kieran's birthday next week. No way in heck was I going to do it today. People who shop on Black Friday and want to are nuts. I prefer to not have to wait or fight my way through shopping. I will pay a few extra dollars to do so as well.

So here are my thanks...

I am thankful for

-My family
-Their health and my own, including mental health
-My God
-For not losing loved ones this year
-For a job I actually enjoy doing
-Friends and Coworkers
-My Church Family
-For my hobbies, including the derb
-For the nice weather we had yesteday

I could go on, but this is my general list.

I have seen a lot of sad stuff over the last 2 weeks. Some work related, some news related, and some with my friends and family. So I try to take every resonable effort not to take my blessings for granted. And it saddens me even more when I see others continually taking their own for granted. To some extent it angers me beyond belief.

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