Monday, May 19, 2008

On the move

I feel like a nomad! Last Thursday I took a small drive to the Old Spanish Treasure Cave near Sulphur Springs with Gage and his class. I had no idea we had a cave of that size fairly close. Only about an hour from Fayetteville. Very neat experience.

Friday, I took the kiddos all the way to Oklahoma to stay with their grandma's and grandpa's while Steven and I went camping at Tyler's Bend on the Buffalo with several people from our church. I love and miss camping so much. I haven't been since I was pregnant with Gage, over 7 years ago. Of course we had to take the laptop so I could get some studying in for my MFT exam. But the night was perfect, with no atrocious weather. I slept better in that small 2 man tent than I have in ages, how sad is that. I decided right then we are going to start camping out more, even if it is in our own backyard. Saturday we kayaked on the Buffalo. I didn't even know they made 2 man kayaks! But it was far better than a canoe, barely had to row at all. Highly recommend them. I was dedicated in making sure that I applied my spf 50 all over my body every 20 minutes, so much so, that on the way home it started going through my eyelids burning my eyes. I had a couple of small lines near my bathing suit top where occasionally I didn't get enough. Overall, I am unharmed by the sun. Of course now my skin wants to break out and is forcing me to do daily facials until that clears up. Worth it though to avoid wrinkles. After an awesome time on the river, Steven and I headed back the 2 hour drive to Fayetteville, only to have to continue to drive towards Oklahoma to pick up the kiddos. Luckily this time my mom met us halfway. By the time we got home I had spent a total of 13 hours on the road since Thursday. It was a nice little road trip weekend though.

Today I had to drive to Ft. Smith and sit for 4 grueling hours for my MFT exam. What a PITA that was. The computer froze up on me at question 177 of 200. I tried not to flip out and let the lady do her thing, but my mind kept thinking that what if she can't get it back and I have to start over! I envisioned myself going spastic and beating the computer with the chair. Luckily just about that time the lady got it situated and put me at another computer with only 5 minutes subtracted from my time. Oh well, I needed the break. As far as passing, don't ask, they are mean and make you wait weeks to find out, and with my confidence shot and of course the low passing stats for people who take it, I do not assume that I passed. Luckily I got the NCE done with and that license is what I need in Arkansas anyways.

You would think that would be enough stress for one week. Wednesday, we start the initial move into our new home. Not looking forward to it, as I abhor moving. The actual packing annoys me. But when it is over and done with I am extremely happy.

On other good news, I received my matter pusher wheels today and already have them on my skates. Looking forward to testing them out tomorrow at practice. On a humorous ending note, I was going ahead and using the same bearings that I had on my other wheels after giving them a good clean, thinking my new bearings wouldn't be here for a week or more. After putting them back on, Steven checks the mail and my brand new bones swiss were waiting and I was too tired to put them on. Next time.... whenever that will be.

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